This page is for the information of MRACC members and contains documents for internal distribution only. If you

would like to find out more about MRACC, or the Regional Algal Contingency Plan, contact the chairman.

What is MRACC?

MRACC is the Murray Regional Algal Coordinating Committee. It is one of nine NSW Regional Algal Coordinating Committees formed by the (former) State Algal Coordinating Committee (SACC).

The role of the RACC’s is to develop and implement strategies for managing blue-green algal blooms. The Murray RACC is responsible for coordinating the monitoring of blooms, the issue of press statements and the release of information to the public and water supply authorities in the Murray River region. In addition to providing the forum for coordinated response to individual blooms in public waters, the Murray RACC meet regularly to exchange information and scientific research into algal growth and approaches to bloom management. Through this process contributing organisations are better able to predict and prevent blooms as well as manage those that do occur.

Contingency Plan

The Murray RACC has produced a Regional Algal Contingency Plan. This contingency plan outlines how algal blooms will be effectively managed to minimise their impacts. It clarifies the responsibilities of the various government agencies, councils and water authorities within the region to ensure that no issues related to bloom occurrence are overlooked, and that there is no duplicated activity or accountability in the coordinated region.

The plan is updated at least annually to reflect changes in government policy, algal containment methods and to foster continued cooperation between government agencies, councils and water authorities along the River Murray System. It is also maintained to ensure that current agency and individual contact information remains correct.

  • Extracts from the MRACC Contingency Plan – for public information.

Who is a member of MRACC?

A full list of MRACC members and contacts is given on the Contacts page. MRACC members come from the following organisations: DLWC, NSW EPA, NSW Health, Dept. Human Services (Vic.), NSW Agriculture, Murray Irrigation, members of the Shire councils of Murray, Berrigan, Deniliquin, Wakool, Corowa, Moira and Campaspe shires,Goulbourn-Murray Water, Waterways Authority of NSW and Murray River Tourism.