This Blue-green Algal Bloom Management web site has been developed by the NSW Murray Regional Algal Coordinating Committee (MRACC) as a service to the public, water users and the organisations who manage blue-green algae in the NSW Murray River catchment.

The first Australian toxic bloom of blue-green algae was noted in Lake Alexandria, South Australia in 1878. In recent years there has been an increase in reporting of noxious blooms with many having the potential to affect water use. The Barwon-Darling River System experienced the world’s largest recorded riverine algal bloom during the summer of 1991-1992. The bloom extended for 1,000 km with many water samples containing algal toxins (Blue-Green Algae Task Force 1992).

Blooms in the NSW upper-mid Murray catchment have been less serious, but nonetheless require coordinated management. It is hoped that information on this web site will assist water users and MRACC member organisations in the Murray region to deal with issues associated with blue-green algae and algal blooms.

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Site last updated 12th January 2007

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